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When Tammy Osborne sees a pet romp freely and play without a care, it brings a smile to her face and a deep sense of satisfaction. It’s been that way for pretty much as long as she can remember.

“I’ve always loved animals,” said the owner of TLC for Pets, which bills itself as a pet resort. “I grew up on a farm in the Cherry Creek area that had lots of other farms around us. And I would help everyone with their animals.”

Even when her family later moved closer to town Osborne showed her strong bond with animals as a string of them would regularly follow her on family walks.

“My mom always said I had the knack of getting them to come along,” Osborne said with a laugh. “And if I went to bed early, my parents would wonder why. And when they checked up on me, they’d usually find I had a cat under the covers. “I just liked having animals around me and loved looking after them.”

Naturally, one of Osborne’s first jobs included working in a pet store.

“We had lots of customers who’d come in needing someone to look after their pets when they went away. And I would immediately say I’d do it,” she said. “At one point I had about 14 dogs sleeping overnight at my house. It was then that I kind of decided it would be nice to have a farm.”

So, 11 years ago she located a property, just a short drive from Aberdeen Mall, that offered close to two acres with a pond and buildings to house a variety of pets in their own suites. Today, there’s room for 57 dogs, plus space for cats and even smaller pets, such as rabbits, reptiles and birds.

“From the start I knew we’d book up,” Osborne said. “I had no doubt.”

Now, she oversees a staff of 10 who help care for the animals that remain her focus and source of joy. “It doesn’t feel like work to me,” she said. “Yes, it’s a lot of organization with staff. But it’s all worthwhile when I see a happy pet.”