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When you move to a smaller home, it’s not just the indoor space you miss. Cottonwood Manor offers an opportunity to have it all.

There’s so much to enjoy about downsizing: Less cleaning, less maintenance, more security, lower bills, less stress. But most of the people who do it will also be sad about some of the things they leave behind. Along with happy memories of the family home, there are also hobbies like carpentry, landscaping and growing fruit and veg.

That’s why Cottonwood Manor is such a great place for retirees, says manager Doug Dickson. “There are many opportunities for volunteering here – we have enthusiastic people involved in landscaping, for example, and also fixing things, doing odd jobs and maintenance around the building.”

Keen gardeners can also get a garden plot. “Many of our residents share and swap the things they grow,” says Dickson. And those who like carpentry can use the well-stocked workshop to make new creations. Beyond those hobbies, the North Shore Community Centre, which is on the Cottonwood Manor site, offers fitness classes, adult learning classes put on by the Kamloops Adult Learners Society, and other chances to volunteer – for example, through crafting.

“You don’t have to lose all the things you love about your home when you leave your home,” says Dickson. “Everybody approaches the idea of downsizing with trepidation but once it’s done there’s a feeling of relief because you’ve simplified your life – you become lighter and happier in a sense,” says Dickson.